Sascha Depold

Engineering Manager


Theme Hospital on Mac OS X with Boxer 1.1.1

Hey Mac gamers, about an year ago I wrote an article about, how to get Theme Hospital work on Mac OS X. Because that post is very old and things have changed, here is an updated how-to.

  1. Install Boxer.
  2. Move the extracted file to the Applications folder.
  3. Get a copy of the game. I just used a copy (ISO file) of my old cd.
  4. Open Boxer.
  5. Choose “Import a new game”.
  6. Throw the ISO file / disk drive from the Finder into the wizard, saying “Drop your game here.”
  7. Choose setup.exe (was default for me).
  8. Select a language.
  9. Set up your soundcard: Sound Effects => Creative Labs Sound Blaster or 100% Compatible; Music => Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16. (Choose automatic setup after each step).
  10. Install. Complete Installation.
  11. You will get asked, where you want to install the game. Just keep the default of C:\HOSPITAL.
  12. Wait until installation is done.
  13. Exit.
  14. You will now get thrown into a DOS environment. Boxer will ask you, if installation should be re-done or if everything works fine. Select: ‘Finish importing’. Now wait a bit until Boxer says “Congratulations”.
  15. Launch the game.
  16. You will be in a DOS environment again. Boxer will ask you, which file you want to open. Choose hospital.exe.
  17. Also choose ‘Launch every time’.
  18. If you quit the game again and re-run it, Boxer will now automatically run the right file.

I hope this works for all of you :) Have fun! (I also checked for save issues, but it worked without problems.)