Sascha Depold

Engineering Manager

About Me

  • Sascha Depold
  • 28 July 1986
  • Engineering Manager
  • sascha [at] depold [dot] com
  • sdepold

I'm a Manager, a Software Engineer, a Craftsman and a Father of Three

I am a motivated and open-minded person who loves coding in a high quality fashion while staying pragmatic. I have strong technical skills and like to work within a nice, professional team. Last but not least, I love to work with people and to help them grow their career.

  • Web Development (React, Next)

  • Testing (Unit, Integration, E2E)

  • Mobile App Development (React Native, Expo)

  • System Administration

  • Desktop App Development

  • Node.JS (Express, Next, Sequelize, Pug, Less)

  • Ruby (Sinatra, Ruby on Rails)

  • Web (HTML, CSS, JS, Marko, React)

  • Scala

  • Java

Web Development

Node.JS, Scala, Java


Travis, Jenkins, Circle CI


Coaching, Pairing, Training

Open Source

GitHub, Community

Employer Branding

Conferences, Meetups


Volleyball, Running