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Theme Hospital on Mac OS X


I updated the article for the latest version of Boxer. You can find the post here.

Original post:

I just found a nice app for playing DOS games on mac os x without this fucking DOSBox configuration shit.It’s called Boxer and to get Theme Hospital work, follow these steps:

Attention: Due to the localized folder names, the apps are possibly named in another way.

  1. Download Boxer from here
  2. Open the disk image and copy the Boxer app to your harddisk.
  3. Run the app. It will configure some stuff and create a folder in your user’s root called DOS-Games. According to the manual you can put this folder whereever you want to.
  4. Get a copy of the game. I just used my old cd.
  5. Open the CD in finder and run DOSSETUP/SETUP.EXE.
  6. This will start the and the included installer.
  7. The game installation will popup. Run through the process. If you have problems with mouse handling hold down the alt key and click into the boxer window.
  8. Choose the language you prefer.
  9. Set up your soundcard: Sound Effects => Creative Labs Sound Blaster or 100% Compatible; Music => Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16
  10. Install the game completely.
  11. After the copy process is finished, exit the installation.
  12. Quit the DOS window (CMD+Q)
  13. Boxer will ask you, if you want to import the CD. Do so!
  14. When the CD copy task was finished, Boxer will quit and show you the DOS-Games folder. You will find an icon called “Theme Hospital.boxer”.
  15. Eject your CD and hit the icon.
  16. Choose HOSPITAL.EXE and Run this game. Allow Boxer to always run this file.
  17. And there you are :) Hit CMD+F to switch to fullscreen mode.

For further information to the boxer app, check the manual. Have fun :)