Sascha Depold

Engineering Manager


QuakeLive on Mac OS X

Today I just found the free-to-play Quake III - Port QuakeLive.

When entering the site you can find the an image, telling you, that QuakeLive is easy to join…

So I registered and… got stucked in that fucking installation process you have to succeed before being able to play. So what is that installation stuff about? You have to download a plugin that providesfunctionality for the browser. That’s just the way it is when playing Battlefield Heroes.

When trying to run the game, it will ask you to download that plugin and put it intothe folder /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/. When finished and restarted the browser the game will tell you, that it is just unable to find the plugin and that you should just download it… A vicious circle!

The solution is to copy the plugin file into you private Library folder! So don’t copy it to the suggested folderbutto ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ ! Now restart the browser and run the website again. As you will see, it’s now working :)

Ah and don’t forget to play the game in Safari or Firefox. Other browsers are afaik not supported yet!