Sascha Depold

Engineering Manager


FXRuby: Oooh nice?

Just found FXRuby - as far as I currently know it is a Desktop App GUI Framework for Ruby. Because I just wondered which programming language is the one to use for desktop apps, I promptly installed the gem with the following command:

sudo gem install fxruby

After some seconds of installation process I ran the interactive ruby shell (irb) and did the following (copied from the tutorial page):

require ‘fox16’
include Fox
theApp =
theMainWindow =, “Hello”)

While running those commands you will recognize the opening X11 environment. My first thought was: WTF gimme more alias shit for the very same commands. Am I the only one for whom those commands sounds all equals???

I will give this stuff a try and currently wonder, how I can just give such an app to another person…?